Motion Graphic Designer. Editor. Human Being.

Personal Projects.
Things I've made in my spare time. 

A fan-made trailer for Telltale Games and HBO's Game of Thrones.
All made from In-Game footage, titles made in After Effects.

A fan-made trailer for Red Dead Redemption.
Created from 2.5 hours of footage from various videos from the game site.
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

"Can't Keep Johnny Down" Music Video Contest Entry. 2011.
views: 30,000+

It was solely featured on the They Might Be Giants Facebook page twice!! 
Graphics created in Illustrator, animated with After Effects. Concept to final in just three days.

The Art School - Episode 1: "PAL 9000" 
views: 30,000+

My senior project at SCAD.
Theme song created by Billy Reid. 

48 Hour Film Fest 2012 Entry. These were the titles for "Atlantis 2" - we won Best Cinematography.